What All Women Need to Know Before Going to the Gym

After gathering strength, you decided to go to the gym. But before exposing your body to physical activity, you need to know basic information about the gym. First of all, forget about a few stereotypes: No one will stare at […]


What will happen if you DO PLANK every day

Exercise with your own weight is a simple and practical way to bring the body in order. Plank is one of these exercises that will always be popular. Why? The implementation of plank does not require much from you and […]


How to get a bigger butt with squats

You can find millions of different exercises online. Some of them will be effective for you and some won’t. The benefits of squats proved not only scientists but also long-term results of professional bodybuilders. There is no more effective exercise […]

Fitness Weight loss

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Every woman during a long weight loss is faced with the problem of the plateau. The PLATEAU effect is when something stops changing because it gets used to something. In this case, the body adapts to the regime of physical […]