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10 Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks

It is not always possible to keep track of calories and go to the gym. Modern women do not always have time to study the issues of proper nutrition. Using these 10 simple tips you can significantly lose weight without resorting to diets.

1.Turn down the heating

How does it work? The cooler the environment, the more calories the body uses to keep warm. We do not encourage you to live in the ice Palace like the Snow Queen, but if you have a conditioner you may control the temperature. If you don’t have one, then more often to do airing.

The optimum room and office temperature are considered to be 22-25 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 35-55%. The lower limit of comfort – 18-20 degrees. Are we moving on to home hardening?

2.Drink water correctly

How does it work? No habit is difficult to start drinking water. We start with a small measure to drink a glass of water for half an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Consider the pros:

  • Prevention of dehydration
  • Dulling the appetite and reducing the portion eaten
  • Supple and hydrated skin
  • Detox effect

3.Throw away the scales

How does it work? Almost every house has a floor scale. Someone they gather dust for months in the pantry, and someone is weighed three times a day. Weigh no more than once a week. It is best to measure your weight with things like a skirt or your favorite jeans. The scales show a loss of General weight, not fat. Therefore, losing a few pounds of water you will not become slimmer.

4.Get enough sleep

How does it work? A vicious circle begins as follows: you do not sleep and do not feel rested, so relieve light stress with something sweet or other “harmful” Goodies. Lack of sleep not only affects the appearance but also leads to weight gain. Some scientifically proven facts. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that the normal length of sleep (7-9 hours) improves the results of the diet and a half times and prevents the appearance of extra pounds.

5.Start lunch and dinner with a vegetable salad

How does it work? A portion of the salad of fresh vegetables and herbs in vegetable oil is a valuable source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The basis of healthy nutrition!

6.Encourage yourself not tasty, and fashionable

How does it work? When we are very good, and when it is very bad, we are used to pamper yourself with food: cakes, nuts, ice cream, chocolate, and other goodies. Encouragement (and you deserve it!) should not settle on the waist, put it in a different shape: instead of dessert, make a face mask or self-massage, take an aromatic bath, give yourself a shopping, pedicure or spa treatment in the salon.

7.Using a pedometer application

How does it work? A study by the International Association of applied psychology (Stanford University) showed that people who wear a watch with a pedometer or use a similar application in smartphones, devote 27% more time to physical activity than those who do not “keep” step.

8.Use “cunning” plates

How does it work? The trick is that the plates are smaller in diameter and dark in color help control the appetite and eat a lighter portion than you are used to. One and the same amount of food on different largest plates looks for our brain differently: small seems more complete, and hence more satisfying.

9.Don’t keep sweets at home

How does it work? Increase the distance between yourself and frozen pizza, chocolates, and crispy croissants. If stocks of fast food, sweets, and semi-finished products will not be a refrigerator, the need to leave the house for the next culinary temptation will reduce your fervor and appetite. Let laziness at least somewhere will help you.

10.Eat without clothes to the waist

How does it work? The most provocative of the Council we have saved for last. There is an original British diet called “Naked lunch”. The essence of the new method of weight loss is simple: undress before each meal (of course, this diet is purely home use and single meals) and eat in front of the mirror. It is believed that the feeling of awkwardness, as well as the appearance of the tummy, depresses the appetite and thus prevents overeating.

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