"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson
"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson

10 Tips to Stick A Diet

The most difficult thing during weight loss is the refusal of products. Especially when you have already formed a strong habit in your head, such as eating a doughnut with coffee after Breakfast. I will not leave you in such a difficult moment and give 10 tips to help reduce appetite and get rid of hunger.

1.Don’t give up on Breakfast

Scientists have found that women who received at least 300 calories during Breakfast decreased craving for sweets for the whole day. Experts believe that protein stimulates the production of the hormone dopamine, which in turn helps to reduce appetite. I also have 10 great ideas for a diet Breakfast.

2.Eat small portions

When we really want to eat cakes, we go to the store and buy a whole box. After that, we think: “who cares, I still broke the diet.” and start eating even more. Usually, one small portion is enough to quench the thirst for sweets and calm the brain.” Do not blame yourself for a little weakness. The main thing is to continue to work on yourself.”

3.Find a replacement

Very want sweet? Go to the kitchen and eat fresh berries or fruit. The main idea is that you need to find an alternative to sweets. Over time, these new snacks will become a habit, and you no longer have to limit yourself in anything.

4.Drink Coffee

Coffee has many health benefits and may assist to reduce your cravings. Recent research shows that coffee minimizes abnormal hunger pangs by 50%. It facilitates the release of the PYY peptide hormone which determines the amount of food that each person is likely to consume.

5.Combine useful and” forbidden ” products

All or nothing is not the best idea in your case. It is not necessary to completely abandon unwanted products or overeat them to satiety. Try to find a compromise: add one small dessert to your lunch. This method really works: you get the necessary vitamins and nutrients from low-calorie food, and a piece of cake or cake will make this meal more enjoyable. Favorite “forbidden” should be less than a quarter of your entire lunch or dinner.

6.Boost Your Magnesium

If you are experiencing crazy chocolate cravings, then you might need to check on your magnesium levels. Chocolate cravings can be caused by low magnesium content in your bloodstream while cheese or meat cravings are due to low calcium levels in your body. Insane chocolate cravings might be a sign that you have a magnesium deficiency in your body. Eat more veggies, as they contain a lot of magnesium which can help you curb those crazy cravings.

7.Don’t test your willpower

Psychologists say that people who try to keep themselves in hand, very hard to endure failure and long scold themselves.

The right way is to get distracted. Studies have shown that just three minutes of playing Tetris helps reduce appetite better than just waiting and exercising willpower. A 15-minute walk will even help to forget about the chocolate bar.

8.Eliminate the temptations

What kind of diet and healthy eating can we talk about when all the most delicious surrounds you at every step? Follow the simple rules: if you live in a large family, then agree with loved ones to hide everything “forbidden” in the farthest corner of the refrigerator. Also, do not buy products immediately for a week (chances are that the “week” will end the same evening). The fewer temptations around you, the less you will think about them.

9.Do not overdo the diet

As soon as you go on a diet, immediately there is a huge stop list of harmful, unhealthy foods, which fall and all the most beloved. It’s not easy for the human brain to readjust in a moment. Already the very word “diet” falls on your shoulders (and stomach) a heavy burden and makes every day to overcome themselves.

Strict restrictions and restrictions are not always good. Do not completely abandon your favorite dishes: allow yourself to eat sometimes a small piece. Thus, you will reduce the risk of one day seeing yourself in the kitchen with a mountain of empty boxes of desserts.

10.Forget about Instagram and Pinterest

Huge pizza, spicy chicken wings, chocolate ice cream, burgers and steaks. Resist this food porn from famous chefs and popular bloggers have no strength. Scientists have long established that photos of high-calorie food irritate the parts of the brain responsible for hunger. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of you after watching your tape run to the kitchen to try at least something from what you saw and please your stomach.

Let’s be honest: we all love seeing beautiful food. And no one will give up Instagram. But after all beautiful can be not only ” harmful.” Subscribe to healthy channels with healthy food, then you will have an incentive to cook something good for your health. Like my Pinterest channel:)

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