"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson
"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson

How To Working Out at Home: 5 Tips

Why don’t most people practice sports regularly? Some people think it is expensive, others simply don’t have enough time for it. There are also people who feel insecure when working out in public. The good news is that at-home workout can easily replace the one in the gym. And it will be equally effective if it is properly arranged. Let me share with you some tips that will help to get the maximum payoff from working out at home.

Set a Goal

It’s not easy to motivate yourself to workout at home. Especially when there are so many distractions like household duties or simply the desire to nap in front of TV instead of doing a plank. Set a goal which will motivate you to make a habit of doing sports. Create a clear vision of what is that you want to achieve by working out. Nothing feels better than getting rewards for your efforts. Regularly weigh yourself, measure your waist, hips and write down the numbers in your notebook and soon you will see the results.

Find a Place and Time for the Workout

Find time for a quiet workout. It’s very important to follow your schedule strictly without feeling lazy or looking for excuses. Challenge yourself to one and a half month of working out 5 days a week, excluding weekends. Eventually, doing sports will quickly become a habit. Mark each day of your training in your e-calendar, in the notebook or on a piece of paper hanging on the fridge. By the way, vacation is not an excuse to skip the workout – you can do a plank or squat even if you don’t have a mat with you.
The average workout takes about 30 mins. It is only 2% of your day. You can either spend this time on Netflix, or you can pump up your muscles. To decide what time fits you best, try both morning and evening workouts. According to Cell Metabolism, working out in the evening is 50% more effective than in the morning, because in the evening carbs and fats are processed faster.

You can workout on the balcony, in the bedroom or even in the hallway, as long as it is comfortable for you. Just make sure that your training area is neat and spacious. A room, buried in stuff, would hardly inspire you.

Get Sports Equipment

Don’t buy up everything you see, choose tools that will definitely come in handy. Start with an exercise mat to make yourself feel like you are in a mini-gym. The size of the mat depends on your height, while its thickness will determine how slippery it will be. Also, pay attention to the material of which it is made – natural one will live much longer and will not crumble.

To do cardio workouts, get a jump rope. Jumping is a fan and has plenty of benefits for your cardiovascular system. In addition, it will help to tighten your buttocks and legs, and increase endurance. Start with a classic jump rope. As you progress, you can get a speedy and athletic jump ropes. High-speed ropes have special bearings which create a higher rotation speed, while athletic ropes weigh up to 6 pounds which adds intensity to your workout.

Get yourself a resistance band. It is a simple, convenient and compact tool which creates an extra load on the muscles. The degree of load depends on the rigidity of the rubber. You can buy a set of rubber bands with varying degrees of resistance and alternate them.

Find your “personal” fitness trainer.

The web is full of workout tutorials by fitness trainers. It’s a great source of inspiration and exercises to choose from. You can subscribe to relevant thematic accounts on Instagram, and also use hashtags to search for motivating and useful tips. Fitness channels on YouTube are good because you can workout it in sync with the trainer who explains in detail how to do each exercise. However, not all online trainers are professional, so you are not fully protected from injuries if you do something wrong. Therefore, it’s better to strictly follow the video or consult with a trainer in the gym.

At the Fitness Blender website, you will be asked to fill out a form – choose the level of difficulty, gender of the trainer, workout intensity, muscle group and equipment. Based on your data, you will be offered relevant video tutorials. You can also bring some fun to your workout. For example, on the Fat Cat Workout website, a gloomy but very cute cat will happy to become your personal trainer.

Find like-minded people. Many people find it easier to workout in a group, even if it’s a virtual one. There are many free running apps, such as Nike +, where you can keep a running diary, set up a playlist, and track results. New acquaintances motivate to work on yourself.

Eat Healthy

It takes more than just exercising to build a beautiful body. Physical activity is half of the effort; the second half is a healthy diet. It means there should be more protein in your diet – fish, white meat, lentils, tofu.
For a greater effectiveness of training you should provide your body with sufficient amount of calories. Would be great if you consult a nutritionist, and also follow general rules: give up on fast carbs (wheat flour, sugar), for breakfast eat complex carbs (cereals, legumes), for dinner – protein (chicken or fish) and some vegetables/fruits. Eat only when you are really hungry, not just “for the sake of it.” Drink clean water during workout. This will help you to set up the correct metabolism in the body.

Where to Start

As mentioned earlier: Start with small habits. Find 5 minutes to workout every day during the week. Set aside 45 seconds for each exercise and rest for 15 seconds in between.

Running on spot. Your abs are tight, your chest is spread. Move your hands as if you are running.

A few jumping jacks just to warm up.

Overhead Squats. Feet shoulder-width apart. Do deep squats, while the entire body weight should be on the heels.

Superman Pull. Lie down on the floor and lift your arms and legs. When spreading your arms, bring your shoulder blades together.

You can also save the pin to remember the first steps 🙂

The only barrier to accomplish your most cherished goals is laziness. Stay focused on your big goal to achieve a fit body. It’s not about getting slim, but boosting your health and well-being. Think of doing sports as an essential part of self-care. Do it smart – start small, carefully choose workouts for your fitness level and enjoy the process. The reward won’t make you wait.

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