"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson
"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson

The Resistance bands – a new trend of the fitness industry in 2020

Not everyone can find strength and go directly to the gym. However, each of us can begin to take steps in this direction. Many people start working out at home and I decided to write about a fairly popular way of home training in Europe. The resistance band is a sports equipment made of durable rubber (latex) for elasticity and muscle strength, physical rehabilitation and stretching exercises. With an elastic band, you can work on strengthening muscles without using heavy weights.

The long wide band of durable rubber is popular in gyms and at home. Resistance band was invented for recovery after injuries. Now, this type of expander has become a full-fledged and very convenient alternative to free weights and simulators.

The elastic band is very easy to use, but extremely effective when working with the body’s muscles. You will be able to work on the development of muscle strength, endurance and, flexibility. At the same time, this type of exercise gives a minimum load on the joints and connective tissues. It is known for certain that the simplest sports equipment is the safest for health.

This type of sports equipment is actively used in strength training, Pilates, stretching and, flexibility. Due to its compactness and versatility, the tape is widely used in home sports. Increasingly, professional trainers demonstrate programs using this type of equipment.

Benefits of training with an elastic band:

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Low price
  • Low probability of injury
  • Work on all muscle groups
  • Adaptive load level
  • Effective for Pilates and stretch
  • Uniform load
  • Diversity in learning
  • Suitable for combined training
  • Using the usual exercises
  • Versatility when performing exercises
  • Suitable for women after childbirth

Such obvious advantages as compactness, versatility, lightness, safety and low cost made elastic tape one of the most popular products on the sports market.

Disadvantages of training with an elastic band:

  • Latex may cause allergies
  • An elastic band is subject to rapid wear
  • “Plateau” in power progress
  • It’s hard to keep track of progress

Cons are not very critical, but allergies can cause failure to use a resistance band.


Optimal number of repetitions 12-20
Watch your breathing during training
Take your time

Standing leg abductions – 15 rep to each side
Standing hamstring curls – 15 rep to each leg
Leg curl prone – 20 to each leg
Standing hip extensions – 15 to each leg
Overhead outward push – 15 rep
Scapular retraction – 15 rep
Seated Bicep Curls – 15 rep to each hand
Lying Bent Leg Abduction – 20 rep to each leg
Lying Lateral Leg Raises – 15 rep to each leg

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