"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson
"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson

What Happen If You Do Plank Every Day?

Bodyweight exercises are a simple and practical way to get in shape. Plank is one such exercise that is unlikely to go out of fashion. Why? Doing plank will not require much from you, and the result will be significant. First of all, plank will improve the condition of the abdominal muscles, but that’s not the only thing. If you start to do plank every day, you will get at least seven pleasant changes.

The advantages:

  • Can do even a beginner.
  • The plank is a unique exercise that will make your body work almost entirely.
  • Regular planks will help you maintain a straight posture and a straight back.
  • There are many variations of the exercise. You can choose the right one for yourself.
  • You can perform the plank anywhere: at home, on the street, in the gym.

1.Core Muscles Will Become Stronger

The core muscles provide support for internal organs. They also help develop a good posture and avoid lower back injuries. Doing the plank daily will primarily help you strengthen these muscles. And just one exercise involves all major core muscle groups at once:

  • The transverse abdominal muscle — helps lift heavy weights;
  • The rectus abdominal muscle — helps jump better. It is also responsible for the “cubes”;
  • The oblique muscles — expand the possibilities of lateral tilt and a waist twist;
  • Buttocks — support the back and create a beautiful shape.

2.Strengthen The Back Muscles

Doing plank will allow you to strengthen the core muscles without the risk of getting extra weight on your back and hips. Moreover, the regular exercises will strengthen both lower back and upper back muscles. As a result, this will reduce the risk of back pain.

3.Accelerate metabolism

Plank workouts burn more calories than the classic abs exercises. Even 10 minutes of strength training a day accelerates your metabolism. And for quite a long time: you will burn more calories even at night. A nice bonus for those who want to lose weight.

4.Improve the Posture

The strengthening of the core muscles has a profound effect on the neck, shoulders, back, and lower back. Doing plank daily will help keep them in the correct position and improve your posture.

5.Developing A Sense Of Balance

How long can you stand on one leg? Just a few seconds? Then you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles. By the way, a developed sense of balance will help you achieve great results in any sport.

6.Improve The Flexibility

Plank contributes to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments attached to the shoulders, shoulder blades, collarbones, thighs, and even toes. Doing the side plank, you can also work out the oblique abdominal muscles. By increasing the flexibility of the entire body, you will get additional benefits when doing any other exercises and just in everyday life.

7.Improve The Mental Health

Plank affects the nerves in a special way, strengthening the muscles that are active in stressful situations. After sitting all day at work, your entire body becomes numb and you feel tense. As a result, the mood drops, you become sluggish and dull. Doing plank every day will help improve your mood and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Just 5-10 minutes will give you a boost of energy for the whole day, and daily exercises – for life. Here is a five-minute plan that you can start with today.

Try to start your day in a chipper mood. You need to do 4 types of planks, changing the order at different intervals.


  • The head and neck should be relaxed and free.
  • Keep your hands straight in front of you or cross them.
  • Elbows are strictly under the shoulder joints, so as not to create an extra load on the shoulders.

The first exercise is a full plank. It is the most common and is performed at arm’s length. Do the exercise as displayed in figure 1 and hold it for 1 minute. For beginners, this may seem quite difficult.

Then this plank is replaced by the elbow plank. Hold the plank for 30 seconds, inhale and exhale, and change the position. Now you need to hold one leg plank for 30 seconds for each leg.

After that, do the side plank. It strengthens your oblique muscles. Hold this plank for 30 seconds for each side.

So, you have done 4 types of exercises and the final stage of the whole complex is the full plank. This exercise tightens the arms and chest muscles. Hold the plank for 30 seconds and change to the elbow plank for one minute. Thus, your entire workout will take no more than 5 minutes! Just 5 minutes a day can change your life for the better. What are you waiting for? Start working on yourself!

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