"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson
"The first wealth is health." R. W. Emerson

What You Need To Know Before Going To The Gym

After gathering strength, you decided to go to the gym. But before exposing your body to physical activity, you need to know basic information about the gym.

First of all, forget about a few stereotypes:

No one will stare at you, nothing to be ashamed of.

We’re used to seeing beautiful bodies in photos from Instagram or Pinterest, but the reality is different. Most people in the gym don’t have a perfect body and are trying to improve it.

You don’t get super big by doing weights.

With experience will come the understanding, that gain muscle mass is quite difficult. So, unexpectedly to Wake up like a bodybuilder you will not be able.

The coach is not a prerequisite

With a coach, it is easier to achieve results and avoid mistakes. However, even without a coach, you can get yourself in shape.

The right clothes

For many, it is clear that the skirt is not the best clothes for the gym.

You should buy:

  • Sports bra
  • Sports pants or workout shorts
  • Sweatshirt or some fitting top
  • Any sports shoes

Also, look carefully at the material of the thing. It is best to buy clothes from materials with sweat-wicking capabilities.

Keep in mind, that after training clothes should be washed, and therefore it is better to have several sets of clothes for the gym.

Prepare yourself mentally

You can only change the size of your body, not its shape. Therefore, to remove a couple of inches in the “problem” spots will not work. The problem area is always the last to lose weight. To achieve the desired result, you need to deal with complex.

Respect the others

Each gym has its own rules, here are the most common of them:

  • Put sports equipment in place after use
  • Wipe the sweat after yourself
  • Do not distract others, especially when working with heavy weights
  • If you have a question, wait for the person to finish the exercise

You will not be punished for ignorance of any rules, just ignore them will not be polite on your part.

Training plan

If you plan to practice without a coach, then you need to have a training plan. There are many training programs on the Internet. Which one to choose? – It depends on a few factors. Some programs are better for weight loss, and others for gaining muscle mass. It also depends on your fitness. Maybe programs for beginners will seem too easy for you.

Gym bag

You should take:

  • Sports clothes
  • Bottle of water
  • A towel
  • Second pair of socks
  • Headphones and your favorite music
  • The antiperspirant

The secret of a slim body is in a healthy diet, not a strict diet; in an active lifestyle, not super intensive training.

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