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What you should do now to get ready for summer

Until the summer remains quite a bit of time. Are You really ready to bravely expose your body this year? If not then do not panic, there is still a lot of time to prepare for this.

Emphasize your advantages

So you’ve gained a little weight over the winter. It’s not the end of the world. Choose a swimsuit that will emphasize your dignity and hide flaws.

Need a tan

You’ll look much better and sportier if you have a good, even tan. This is one of the secrets of the fitness and bodybuilding industry. All athletes before going to the competition trying to give your body as much as possible a beautiful tan to look better.
Your muscles will stand out more, while the problem areas will become less visible.

Watch your carbs intake

Most of your daily carbohydrate diet should come from vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed grains.

Refrain from carbonated drinks

They are saturated with carbon dioxide, which can lead to the fact that you’ll look swollen.

Add intensity

To further speed up fat burning, add high-intensity intervals to your cardio workouts.

Moisturize the skin

Dry skin catches the eye. Take time to relax once a week and apply a deep moisturizer.

Straighten up

The most important thing You could do to instantly look better in a bikini is good posture.


A couple of weeks of squats will not give you perfect booty but will help bring it to tone.

Do not forget about legs

Go to a professional pedicurist to give them a perfect look.

More water

Enough water in the body will not only help your skin look younger and cleaner, but also help to dull any feeling of hunger. If You don’t drink 7-8 glasses a day, now is the time to start doing it.

Avoid striped swimsuits

They make you look wider than you really are. Solid colors tend to look better. Do not wear bright things to their problem areas it’ll only draw attention.

Deal with stress

When you experience stress, our body begins to produce more cortisol, which can cause extra deposition of subcutaneous fat in some people. Learn how to deal with your stress, this can help your yoga or taking a warm bath before going to bed.

Chill out 🙂

Remember, the more relaxed and cheerful you are, the more attractive you look. Do not force yourself to wear a swimsuit if you are not sure that it looks great. Pick yourself another in which you’ll look confident, and leave this for next year because you are sure to achieve the desired result relying on the experience gained in preparation for the current season.

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